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Hydrogen now  !!                                                         

Electric driving without hydrogen fuel cell, is mainly wasting time and money;

better wait a few years.  

Only for a very limited group of people, driving limited short distances, electric driving using only batteries, could be a short term solution.

All the disadvantages of electric driving, using only batteries, are well known:

- after a relative short distance, charging the batteries is necessary

- long waiting time before batteries are charged (when not at home with a private charging station)

- in the very next future recycling problems of used batteries

- electricity for electric driving, using only batteries, has to be produced; not only windmills !

Hydrogen is the future !!                                     

Advantages of driving, based on hydrogen:

- more than sufficient hydrogen worldwide can be produced with green electricity; however volume of available green electricity has to be increased.

- no more additional CO2 in the atmosphere, the only output when using hydrogen is water

- all the disadvantages of electric driving, using only batteries, can be avoided by using hydrogen (fuel cell)preference however (far more efficient) will be driving based on a combustian engine using hydrogen fuel, like Westport H2 HPDI fuel system (no fuel cell)

Of course we have the famous "chicken and egg" problem, same as LPG in the past.

Car suppliers however should accelerate their hydrogen driven car program and gas station suppliers should also accelerate in the same timeframe their program to install sufficient hydrogen facilities at their gas stations. Substantial extra investments are needed in both areas.  

Germany already has detailed plans to install hydrogen facilities at gas stations, country wide, in the next years and Shell just released a similar plan in The Netherlands          Also BMW is introducing a SUV (BMW X5) with fuel cell                  

Some more news about Hydrogen (in Dutch) www.waterstofmagazine.nl 

Recently Shell produced 500 liter synthetic kerosene based on hydrogen and CO2, added to normal kerosene on a KLM flight to Madrid

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